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Embark on unique and unforgettable soccer journeys with FCNE to carefully selected prestigious international youth soccer tournaments. Our tours are designed to offer young athletes an unparalleled experience in competitive soccer, cultural immersion, and personal growth.

Tournament Play and Beyond:

  • World-Class Competition: Participate in carefully vetted soccer tournaments where you'll compete against teams from around the globe. This is where skills are honed, and resilience is tested on an international stage.

  • Professional Coaching: Our experienced coaches will guide you through the tournament (typically with a four-game guarantee*), focusing on strategic play, teamwork, and adapting to high-level competition.

  • Training Sessions: Prior to tournament play, engage in intensive training sessions designed to prepare you for the rigors of international competition, emphasizing team tactics and individual skills.


Cultural Enrichment:

  • Opening Ceremony or Parades: Experience the thrill of an opening ceremony*, a spectacular event that celebrates the global soccer community.​

  • Cultural Exchange: Interact with teams from various countries, embracing the diversity and unity that soccer brings. This is a chance to make international friends and learn about different cultures.​

  • ​Explore and experience local culture: Enjoy guided tours and excursions in European cities, immersing yourself in the local culture, history, and breathtaking landscapes.

Personal Development:

  • Building Character: Beyond soccer skills, this tour emphasizes character development, sportsmanship, and global citizenship.

  • Life Skills: Learn valuable life lessons in teamwork, leadership, and overcoming challenges – skills that extend well beyond the soccer field.

Comprehensive Support and Care:

  • Full-time Supervision: Our staff ensures a safe, supportive environment throughout the tour, with 24/7 supervision and assistance.

  • Quality Accommodations: Stay in carefully selected accommodations that provide comfort and a chance to rest and rejuvenate.


Join FCNE for life-changing soccer adventures that combine high-level play, cultural exploration, and personal growth. These are more than a soccer tournament; it's an experience that shapes young athletes into global citizens and lifelong soccer enthusiasts.

(*Please note, the guaranteed number of games varies with each tournament and its unique format. For the exact number of games in your specific tour, refer to the tour details provided.)

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