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Q: Are Players Exclusively from the East Coast?

  • A: Not at all! While we started as FC CT, demand grew nationally, leading to the birth of FC National Elite. We proudly welcome players from all across the United States.


Q: How is Player Selection Handled?

  • A: Selection is a blend of expertise and opportunity. Our directors, equipped with extensive coaching experience and national connections, scout top league players and teams across the US. Candidates can also apply through our player application or be recommended by a coach. We carefully review each application, often consulting with the player's coaches, to find the right fit for our team.

Q: What Caliber of Player Does FCNE Seek?

  • A: We aim high! Our focus is on high-level players capable of thriving in competitive environments. Many FCNE alumni have advanced to prestigious universities and even international arenas, including the Women's World Cup and professional leagues in the USA, Portugal, and Italy.


Q: Decision Timeframe for Offered Spots?

  • A: Upon offer, we provide a comprehensive itinerary and detailed package, including what's covered and what’s not. This allows you and your child to make an informed decision. Plus, our program directors are always available for any queries.


Q: What's the Supervision Like During Tours?

  • A: Our supervision is top-notch and uncompromising. Each team is assigned a full-time coach and a local tour guide, complemented by the oversight of our directors and a lead tour guide. We ensure strict adherence to safety, with players always under adult supervision.


Q: Can Family Members Join the Tour?

  • A: Absolutely! While not mandatory, family members often join to make it a memorable trip. We ensure they are included in all activities, making it a fantastic family vacation opportunity.


Q: Where Does the Team Depart From?

  • A: Our journey begins in New York, where the team assembles before departure. Players from across the country are encouraged to join us there. There’s also usually an option for direct travel to our tournament destination – contact us for more details.


Q: Team Roster Size?

  • A: We keep our team sizes optimal. For instance, a full-sided older team (11 v 11) would include about 16 players, ensuring substantial playtime for everyone. Goalkeepers are selected based on ability, with two per team if they're equally skilled, or one otherwise.


Q: Accommodation Details for Team and Families?

  • A: We prioritize comfortable stays in quality hotels, unlike many teams that opt for school dorms. Thanks to our long-standing relationships, we have control over our accommodation, ensuring players, coaches, and families stay together in great locations.


Q: Impact on Regular Club Team Participation?

  • A: Not at all! Your regular club commitments always take precedence. Our summer tournament schedules are designed to avoid conflicts with club activities. However, do consult with us if there's a potential clash with significant events like national championships.


Q: Pre-Tour Team Practices?

  • A: This varies. If players are geographically close, we may arrange practices. However, those from afar aren't expected to attend. Our main team bonding and training happen during the preseason in the city of our destination, supplemented by virtual communications like zoom calls.


Q: Opportunities for Fundraising?

  • A: Definitely! Our partner, WeTravel, offers a ‘Contribution Page’ that helps players share information about their acceptance to a FCNE tour and raise the necessary funds for their travel and tour expenses to be applied directly to the player’s account.

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